WAE online festival on sustainable future - „women from arts to engineering“ am 07.10.2021

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09:00 - 20:00

We herewith invite you to join us at the first international „women from arts to engineering“ virtual festival on a „sustainable future” on 7th October 2021.  https://www.festival.wae-community.org/ 

The lively event will unite experts from Arts to Engineering for a one-day virtual festival with an inspiring all-female agenda of speakers.

In order to develop joint strategies for a sustainable and gender equal future, WAE aims to encourage previously unimagined, multi- and cross-disciplinary cooperation. Its mission is to build foundations for open, cooperative and unbiased exchange of ideas for solving tech challenges with innovation and style and vice versa.

The festival schedule includes:

  • Scientific talks
  • Instant choreography
  • Opening of the virtual exhibition
  • Panel discussion
  • Networking event
Registration is now open; admission is free: https://www.festival.wae-community.org/registration